Justin Long-Him Shum is a sound designer based in Toronto. In 2011, he graduated from York University’s BFA Film Production program with Honours, and has since worked on a variety of short and feature-length independent films, documentaries, and educational material. His work has been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Reel Asian International Film Festival and more.

In addition to his BFA, Justin also holds a double major in East Asian Studies, reflecting an avid wider interest in different cultures, perspectives, and history. Due to his combined Hong Kong and Canadian background, he is fluent in English and Cantonese, with a passing familiarity in Japanese…just because.

During his spare time, Justin enjoys video games, Japanese animation, and learning obscure information from the Internet. This is fortunate, because even the most esoteric piece of trivia has its uses. Knowing the FBI’s standard firearm is handy when building a raid scene. Information on native Filipino songbirds helps recreate the right soundscape for a documentary. You never know. But details matter.

Justin currently provides sound design, editing, and mixing services as well as voice and Foley recording from his home studio.